Using mathematical tools to calculate the probability of winning any lucky game

Lucky games are characterized of uncertainty and risk. I enjoy playing lucky games sometimes and the question I find myself asking at the beginning of a game is this: “What is the possibility of me winning this round?”

Luckily we have the tools to answer this question. We can find…

What I learned the 3rd day studying Statistics


Peptides and proteins are macromolecules, meaning that they are constructed by smaller molecules, amino acids bonded in chains. Briefly peptides and proteins can be described as sequences of amino acids.

As we briefly discussed on the previous story being able to count the sample points of a sample space (or an event) is very important when we try to solve a probability problem. So I decided to moved some chapters back in my book in chapter about Counting.

Counting techiques…

How to describe easily a random experiment

What I learned

1. How to identify a random experiment

To identify a procedure as random experiment, it should have the following characteristics:

  1. It should be repeatable
  2. Its result is uncertain
  3. When know all the possible results

Its obvious that by definition when identifying a random experiment we also identify its sample space.

The Receiver Operating Curve (ROC) is used to evaluate and improve classification Machine Learning models. Who does not want an accurate classifier, that place observations where they actually belong?

Briefly explained, ROC is a plot that is used as a metric to improve the ability of a classification Machine Learning…

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Biotechnology Graduate | Data Science Enthusiast | Europe | Greece

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